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Composite Skeleton -- Bison latifrons

Courtesy of the Bureau of Reclamation Upper Snake Field Office

Giant Ice Age Bison

Bison latifrons

Composite Skeleton





IMNH Paleontology

Pocatello, Idaho USA

IMNH Paleontology

Multiple Collectors

Bureau of Reclamation

Specimen number:75002/27 Bison latifrons age (in this case the geologic age the specimen comes from) Pleistocene Rancholabrean Date found: 8/6 -12/1975 Name of collector: IMNH field party lead by John A. White and George Jakeway Notes or other items of interest about the specimen: Bureau of Reclamation. Humerus molded in 1985. Cited in J.D. Pinsof paper.; *Bison latifrons* skeletal assembly composed of multiple individuals recovered from Bureau of Reclimation sites in Southeastern Idaho. Specimen numbers include: IMNH-48001/1770, IMNH 75002/27, IMNH 47001/1596, 48001/1479, IMNH 35016/966, IMNH 48001/2923, 35009/17260, IMNH 35016/31067, IMNH 78029/28050, IMNH 49001/2710, IMNH 35015/18011, IMNH 48002/20, IMNH 50001/1807, IMNH 47001/2317, IMNH 78029/28051, IMNH 50001/2632, IMNH 75002/4917, IMNH 35016/31068, IMNH 47001/2316, IMNH 35009/17258, IMNH 71003/26666, IMNH 50001/2351, IMNH 47001/1711, IMNH 50001/2426, IMNH 48001/1843, IMNH 48001/17264, IMNH 71003/23828, IMNH 65003/23314, IMNH 47001/1543, IMNH 47001/1541, IMNH 78025/32057, IMNH 50001/2427, IMNH 48001/1494, IMNH 65003/23810, IMNH 47001/1710, IMNH 47001/1282, and IMNH 50001/2249.

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Giant Ice Age Bison (Cranium - Ventral)


Giant Ice Age Bison (Cranium - Cranial)


Giant Ice Age Bison (Cranium - Caudal)


Giant Ice Age Bison (Cranium - Dorsal)


Giant Ice Age Bison (Cranium - Left)


Giant Ice Age Bison (Cranium - Right)